Shelby @thubbink

At a very young age Shelby became fascinated with tattoos. Her mom has always had them and is pretty heavily covered. She would sit for hours and look through flash books and tattoo magazines wishing she could tattoo and start getting tattooed, knowing this is what she was meant to do. When she was 14, she got her first tattoo and started hanging around the shop, asking questions and poking at the idea of an apprenticeship. She was constantly told "No". "You're a girl, and you'll never make it" "you need more art education and practice". She went to college and got my associate’s but was still constantly hanging around the shop. They finally hired her as the counter girl, and slowly taught her little tips. Finally, after 2 years of counter help, C.M. Nagy took her on as an apprentice. She apprenticed for about 8 months until she was unleashed into the wild. She has been tattooing full time since December of 2014, and still strives to be a better artist every day. She never wants to stop learning, and honing in her skills. She loves everything about the art, and different styles of the industry. Her tattoo style falls more into the Neo-traditional realm, but she enjoys tattooing in all styles from American traditional, custom lettering, photo-realism, trash polka, and more.